3rd Wedding Anniversary

David and I - Wedding Day


Has it only been three years?! Goodness! Sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s only been that long, but we’ll be celebrating our 11th year of being together this coming April. You can bet we’ve grown a lot during that time – even while being married. We thought our relationship wouldn’t be much different with a ring on our finger, but looking back on the last three years, I think we were wrong. There’s a certain learning curve to being married and figuring out your way through it as you grow as a couple (and individually, too!). We got married at twenty-four and started dating at sixteen, so we’ve had a lot of growing experiences in our relationship and marriage is no different. This year – our third year of making it legal and having his last name – I’m reflecting on what we’ve learned from each other and how we handle situations. For the most part we’re pretty good, especially at communicating our thoughts and feelings, but I think it’s great that we’re still growing. I think it makes things exciting! Even when things are great, growing makes everything even better.

IMG_2508{excerpt from one of our favorite movies, The Notebook. I saw this on Twitter yesterday and somehow it seemed fitting}

Thai BlackboardTo celebrate, we went to an adorable local Thai restaurant. I have no idea what that blackboard says, but I love the symbols and how colorful it is!

Thai CalamariThai calamari? Yes please! It’s our favorite appetizer and we love trying it in various restaurants (our all time favorite can be found at Carrabba’s Italian Grill). This is paired with a sweet and sour sauce that just makes the dish.

Thai Food Fried RiceAs far as our actual meal is concerned, we didn’t venture out and pick anything extraordinary – but we do love it! Fried rice and shrimp for him. Chicken fried rice for me. The best fried rice we’ve ever tasted.

3rd Wedding AnniversaryIn other news, yesterday we had a bit of an unexpected snow day. It lasted for most of the morning and we ended up getting probably three inches. Was I prepared? No. I snapped a photo and put it up on Instagram with a simple caption.

IMG_2503“Wore the wrong shoes for an impromptu snow day.”

And today, we definitely had snow in the forecast, which I ended up being prepared for (I’ll have you know…). My husband had seen my picture on Instagram and came back with his own.

IMG_2531“And I wore the correct shoes for a snow day…”

Lol! I love how he pokes fun of me sometimes…

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