January Favorites

I’ve decided to add another category to the blog – my monthly favorites – and even though we’re nearing the end of February, it would sort of drive me bonkers if I didn’t start with January. I enjoy watching “Monthly Favorites” themed videos on Youtube, mainly because you discover new products to enjoy or see how other people use them. So, of course, I thought it would be fun to add that to the blog!

TJ's Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend

The first item, I was pretty excited to find – Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend coffee. In January I was on the hunt to try an affordable (meaning under $12) organic coffee and when I saw that this was Fair Trade, it was an added bonus. From my basic understanding of what Fair Trade means is that (and correct me if I’m wrong well-versed peeps in Fair Trade) the product is bought at a price that is fair market value and it helps sustain local economy and communities where the product was produced. So basically, if you buy fair trade, you’re sort of giving back to the community the product originated, and I personally like that idea. Not to mention the coffee itself is pretty tasty!

TJ's Winter Cookieland CookiesMy husband has finished off two boxes of these Trader Joe’s Winter Cookieland cookies by himself. And we’re on our forth box. ‘Nuff said.

TJ's Sunflower SeedsContinuing on with the Trader Joe’s theme, I fell in love with these salted sunflower seeds. Don’t be fooled by the unopened bag! This is my second purchase of this stuff. It’s a great snack to help curb hunger and it’s a great source of fiber. I believe they come unsalted as well, but I personally enjoy the salt. Other than that you’ve got yourself a healthy snack.

loose leaf tea

In January, Downton Abbey started again in the States. This makes Sunday nights Downton nights and tea night. I almost always (okay, so I’ve missed a night or two) brew some hot water and pick one of my loose leaf teas to enjoy while watching. One is chocolate hazelnut, camomile with lemon grass, and a mint variety.

Martha Stewart Discbound NotebookI fell in love with my Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook to help me get more organized, which you can read about here.

YC Mountain Lodge I’m typically a seasonal burner when it comes to candles, and this one by Yankee Candle was burning mostly through January.

chic in black by AvonI’m also a seasonal wearer of perfume as well. For winter, I really love this scent by Avon, chic in black. It’s soft and very feminine and may be classified as a “clean” smelling scent.

Philosophy Purity Facial CleanserThe price point on Philosophy products has made me stay away from trying them (although I do have one of their perfumes, which I’ll talk about in a future post), but when I saw I could try this from Ulta for $10, I couldn’t refuse to give it a shot and I’m glad I did! This gets rid of all of my makeup from the day and leaves my skin looking really smooth and clean.

Del Mano HandbagsThis was a find towards the end of the month. I found this bag for half off at Belk (and bought another one in champagne. Two for one!), and it reminds me of the current trend with Rebecca Minkoff. The faux leather is so soft, you can’t help but run your hand across it. I’m loving not carrying around my big suitcase-of-a-bag and how this one is definitely light on my shoulder.

Clinique & Nars blushJust like how I’m seasonal with my candles and and perfume, I’m also that way about my makeup. I love these two for the winter months – Mocha Pink by Clinique, and the infamous Orgasm by Nars.

Do you have any favorite product finds for the month? Inspired or have tried any of these you’ve seen here? Let me know!

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