November | Thankful Challenge Day 1

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Halloween has now officially come and gone. To celebrate the holiday, I decided to bring back a family tradition my mom started and had a honey ham with potato rolls and baked beans while enjoying Charlie Brown’s It’s the Great Pumpkin. And you know the night wouldn’t be complete without Hocus Pocus and apple cider! We live in an apartment complex and it seems as though no one likes trick-or-treating up and down many flights of stairs, so it was a perfectly quiet night for two.

Thankful Day 1

Now that November is here, I’ve contemplated doing the Thankful Challenge, inspired by the many posts every year that I see on Facebook. With so much going on in life, we can easily forget the things we’re thankful for having, even the little things, especially if life isn’t going in the direction we’d like it to. This challenge is to get me (and perhaps you as well, if you feel inclined) thinking about what goes on in my everyday life that we may take for granted and giving it a well deserved second look. I’m hoping to do one post at the end of the day to reflect just that. Even if it’s the most mundane thing.

Today, I’m thankful for laughing with our patients. I work at a dental office and we have so many lovely people that come to our practice. When I get the chance to talk to any of them whether in person or on the phone and strike up a friendly conversation, it’s one of the best things. It’s even better if we can share in on a laugh together. All of these things make me love what I do!

What are you thankful for today? Let me know in the comments!

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