September Instagram

I noticed as soon as September hit, I began to use my Instagram a lot more! Hmm…Could it be because of the colorful hints of Autumn I’ve been so excitedly posting about?

Continuing on with that theme, here are my Fall inspired Instagram pictures for your enjoyment!

The first Apple Cider of the season! This was the first time I’ve tried it with mulling spices and I love it! Not sure what took me so long to discover that! This is my nightly go-to drink in the Fall. There’s nothing i love more than getting cozy with my hot drink and watching Youtube videos, a good movie, or reading a wonderful blog post.

This smelled wonderful in my car! Exactly the way Fall should smell.

Sure, they spelled my name wrong, but who cares with it’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte?

This was a sure sign that October was coming. Even though I don’t plan on getting a pumpkin this year (although I love pumpkin seeds after gutting that nasty stuff out), this still manages to excite me!

Throwing a non-Fall one in because this is just too sweet of my two boys!

Fall noodles…Who could say no?

Apple picking in boots. This was such a fun day!

Fall on, my peeps!

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