Playing A Little Catch Up

Okay, it’s time to check in! I was on a roll for a little while, even attempting writing everyday but got way behind. Over the last few weeks it’s seems as though I’ve gotten busier with my candles, which is great! After Valentine’s Day, I had to prep for a little “smelling party’ at my place, allowing people to check out the new scents for Winter and and see some of their favorites from Fall. I had such a fun time during the party, putting it together, even making sure there was hot chocolate for everyone!

Here’s a very small preview of my table with the goods! The picture doesn’t do justice to how much my table was covered in my hard work! Loved it!

You can check out my candles here:



Last week we finally had a real snowstorm! We’ve seen a good amount of flurries over the season, but sometimes you just need a real snow day to stay home, be cozy, and just relax and do whatever. I sort of relaxed. I actually full fulled the rest of my candle orders that day, so I was productive…and loved every minute!

photo (1)


And lastly, I have to share this precious photo of my two guys (the hubby and the kitty) I snapped yesterday while the two were cuddling.

photo (2)

2 thoughts on “Playing A Little Catch Up

    1. Oh! lol! You break a couple off and put into a melter/warmer (some people call it either or). You can get ones that have a bulb underneath or one that uses a tea light. You can find them at wal-mart, possibly target, or craft stores.

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