Okay guys…I think I’ve decided to create my own candles! I have yet to get all the materials I need, but I’ve been online researching things like you wouldn’t believe in order to be prepared. It’s going to take me a while to get a final product, for sure, given the money is coming out of my own pocket (this is intended to be a hobby first), you have to play around to get your scents just right, and hello – packaging is important, too! I have a good idea of everything I want to do, but figuring out where to get labels to put on my candles has been SO obnoxious. It’s the one wall I’ve really run into. I don’t want them to look cheesy! Anyway…I also plan on expanding my brand and incorporating handmade beauty products as well, but one thing at a time!

Yes, I’ve already jumped the gun (like always) and created a wordpress account for my project. Please be so kind and visit to take a poll to give me an idea of what fragrances people are going for: http://abscents.wordpress.com/

Thanks guys! Wish me luck! I really want to follow through with this project!

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