Instagram Me, Baby!

Just got my new iPhone yesterday and one of the first apps I downloaded was Instagram. I’ve been hearing about this app for quite some time now and was disappointed it wasn’t also for Blackberry, which I had until yesterday when I accidently broke it. I absolutely love taking pictures and all of the fun filters on this app make taking pictures that much more fun!

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8 thoughts on “Instagram Me, Baby!

  1. *sigh* I’m thinking of switching from BB to an iPhone too. My BB is SO SLOW. Aggh. But I love the keyboard. The Instagram app looks awesome though, everyone’s pics always look great with it!

    1. You know, the key board thing was my setback as well. But they’ve made the iPhone’s keypad a lot better and more accurate. I haven’t had a terrible time getting used to it. I thought I’d always be a BB girl…and I think I’ve surprised myself with how much I like my iPhone. ESPECIALLY the touch screen. And I’m officially addicted to instagram 🙂

      1. Uh oh, I am one step closer now to converting! lol .. I’m pretty much an iGirl for everything else … iPod and Macbook. May as well hand over my soul to Apple at this point =P
        Thanks so much for following, btw!

        1. lol! I have an iPod, of course but that’s about it. Thanks for following me as well! And yep – I’ve got a couple blogs out there 🙂 My other one is more “spiritual”. I’m kind of separating the two parts of me that way. Not ready for EVERYONE to see my spiritual side just yet.

          1. Okay, I thought I was going crazy! Well, that’s cool that you’re exploring that side of yourself as well through blogging 🙂
            And my pleasure to follow! 😉

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