Movin’ On Up!

It baffles me the state of mind I was in this time last year amid all of the Christmas fun…I was planning my wedding – make that SAVING my wedding – and going on the fritz. sent me an email recently, which is where I got our wedding postage, and it reminded me of exactly what I was going through this time last year.  It wasn’t your typical “what flower do I choose, dear God, it has to be the RIGHT one or I’ll go Bridezilla” mindset. In fact, I wish it had been that kind of stress. I’ll spare you the dirty details except to say it involved money and family drama. What’s planning a wedding without that anyway?

254013_2090878866662_1750142_nMy husband and I got married in February of this year (moving out of our newly wed phase at this point…) and have been living with his parents for almost three years due to finances. They have been great and have been so kind to help us, but a married twenty-five year old girl (woman?) needs a place to nest! Our stuff, including our nice wedding gifts, has slowly collected around their house over the last few years (kinda embarrassing…and depressing). So we’ve been eagerly awaiting the day when we could afford to move out and officially feel like we’re starting life together, which has been hard to do for many reasons including living in an expensive area and the economy.

Well we finally have come to the conclusion that we’re able to afford a certain amount in rent and promptly began our search last week! We’re so very excited to go on this new venture in life and getting many well wishes of moving forward in this new season of life. We can’t express how much weight is lifted off of our shoulders just KNOWING that we can have a place of our own (and without a roommate!). I’d so much rather have the stress of finding the right place than wondering WHEN we’re going to be able to afford  a place. So happy to say we’ll most likely be ringing in the new year with a new home!

I cannot wait to have our new place we can call home and give all of our stuff it’s proper place…You have NO idea! Not to mention entertaining! NEST MODE, here I come!


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