Christmas In July|Home Decor (2017 Flashback)

Back in the Winter, I showed you how I decorated for Christmas 2018 and transitioned it into Winter. I mentioned how I might share what I did the year before just to document and compare, but life happened and here we are! Christmas in July it is! So, let’s get into my DeLorean and travel back to 2017 again, but to December this time!


During this season – and season of life – I was still doing my four hour round trip commute (the reason I never posted – so exhausted all the time!), we were getting used to having our new cat, Peaches, around, David and I attended our first ever “Ugly Sweater” Christmas party, I fell in love with the work of Susan Branch, and I was prepping to host my mom and siblings for the first time ever for the holiday.


^ These sweaters were the best! They lit up and why, yes, Santa is riding a unicorn on mine!


^ Stocking up to bake and make memories for when my family arrived!


^ See the stack of books on the counter? Those are mostly Susan Branch books that I got as gifts that year! The table was all decked out for our Christmas Eve dinner.


^ My tree has never looked so full from gifts around it! We had six of us in the house – the most people I’ve ever had under my roof more than a few hours!

Okay, so now for the decor portion of this trip:


Somehow this blurry photo with the focus on the tree in the mirror is the only one I have showing the full entryway table! Oh well. C’est la vie! I remember as I was decorating, I wanted to fit that Special Delivery mailbox in somewhere but not knowing exactly where the “perfect” spot was and hoping that having it on top of the table looked okay. I also hadn’t yet found my black little lamp, so it looks a little darker (that was found a few weeks after Christmas, actually!).


And here it is – a little more in focus!

IMG_2994 (2)



This little snowman guy is one of my favorite pieces! I love the glow on his face from the bulb.



I loved adding the bows to the banister and that little bear is from David’s childhood!




I love the sweet snowy scene on the blue serving tray. I propped it up behind the platter with the oranges on it and that’s where it’s been for the season the last two years. This was an item I kept around for the Winter, too. Ever since this past Winter, I always have some decorative plate in it’s place. It definitely adds a little something to the space!




Our very first Christmas here at the house in 2016, I laid out the table runner over the coffee bar and set this platter over it, which gave me the idea of a festive spoon rest. It was then that I knew I would need one for every season and this one would have a permanent home every year afterward.


Some cans of hot cocoa are meant to be showed off! I kept this one out all winter.

IMG_3061 (2)

This was my first effort on transitioning Christmas into Winter on the entryway table. At this point, I had my little black lamp that fit so perfectly here. It’s exactly what I had been looking for! It definitely looks a bit different than this year and it’s fun for me to see how it’s evolved (you can read that as adding more crap “stuff” to the table. Ha!).

Okay, this has been fun, but let’s travel back to Summer of 2019, shall we? We have a few more posts from the past I’d love to travel back in time to, so stay tuned through the Fall and I have a few treats I’ve cooked up, too!

Stay cool, friends!



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