Waterford Fall Festival

I remember going to this festival with my family as a kid once, and I remember it was such a new experience for us since we didn’t typically do Fall festivals back then. I believe that’s where I first tried apple cider, even! We made such warm memories of that time that I knew once I moved back in to the area a while ago, I had to experience it as an adult.  So I was pretty excited when David and I got to go with friends this weekend!

Waterford is definitely one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen and it seems to take you back in time. During the Fall festival they bring in artisans of all kinds (seriously, if it wasn’t for the price tag on their homemade goods, I could walk away with a truck load!), food vendors, music, and even do a Revolutionary War re-enactment.

The Parking FieldFor starters, the ride out is beautiful with those rolling hills and mountainous views. They directed us to one of those hills to park and the view is just gorgeous and open.

Barn in The Parking FieldOnce we crossed the street and headed towards the area where a few vendors were set up (in our attempt to find food), I couldn’t help but get excited and start snapping pictures. One artisan who was busily working away in front of his tent on his next project, put his hand up and said kindly “no pictures, please”. Darn. His work was of beautiful paintings on wood.

pumpkinsThere were so many vendors with pumpkin and Halloween decorations! This just made it more festive for me and got me excited every time I saw one. You can’t have a Fall festival without some pumpkins! And Apple Cider, but we’ll get to that later…

cookie cutters

wreathsWay back when I was a kid, I remember my mom going to craft fairs, and these homemade wreaths always make me think of her for some reason. They bring back that cozy feeling I had when I was a kid during this time of year.


Red Coats


Taco FritoWhen we did find food, it was Hot Dogs, some type of “taco” in a Frito’s bag with sour cream, salsa, and cheese, lemonade, and a hot chocolate to warm us up a bit (it was just enough breezy to feel a slight chill the first hour we were there).

Brandie and David on A Hay Stack






IMG_3398There are so many historical homes in Waterford (some of which you can tour during the fair), and a good handful were for sale. My thinking was we’ll take them! Any of them!

IMG_3399This colorful rooster caught my eye while walking by one of the homes. I may have jumped up on someone’s front porch, I’m acutally not entirely sure…



IMG_3405I’m so glad I caught this while walking by! Who doesn’t love A Christmas Story? That leg lamp is just too classic…


IMG_3409While at the festival, David and I each had our own food agenda. His was to find Funnel Cake after seeing passerby’s with them (“What? Funnel Cake?!? Where’d they get that?!”), and mine was to find Apple Cider (…because of course…). I can gladly say that both missions were successful! The Apple Cider came from a “fresh foods” kind of truck and it was seriously the best cider I’ve probably ever had, tasting like it was freshly pressed.


IMG_3411Walking through a field of vendors, this caught my attention in front of a tent that was selling herbs. What about this looks so tasty to me? Isn’t that weird? I guess it reminds me somewhat of a nice chicken soup and broth (which I should be sharing soon!).


IMG_3416After walking around a bit, we couldn’t miss the Civil War reenactment. Considering that I’ve never really seen a reenactment before, I thought it was pretty cool!




Did any of you go a festival this weekend? I think there’s a few more to look forward to!

Fall on, my peeps!

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