Have You Shopped Lately?

Thanks to LoveMelisaMichelle, on YouTube, I have found a new website, shoplately.com, for incredible and reasonably priced jewelry among other fun girly stuff! After drooling over a few pieces I was able to convince the hubby to get them as my Christmas presents this year, so now he can easily cross me off his list.

David and I have this trend where we fall in love with certain things we wouldn’t buy ourselves around this time of year, order them for each other as gifts, and they don’t even get wrapped! Since we already know it’s coming and are excited for it we just exchange way early. I can’t wait for these gorgeous pieces to come in and I’ll be sure to show you guys!

The site gave me a link for you to click on to receive a small credit when you sign up! https://shoplately.com/u/m997jp4d

Here’s one thing on my wishlist to give you guys an idea of what you can find: I’ll give you a hint to one item I’ve got in my cart – she may or may not be wearing it in this video. And Lily Wang is incredible. I’ll stop here. I’ve gotten way too excited over jewelry tonight!

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