How To Make Candy Apples


I wont say exactly how often I go into Michael’s craft store (a whole lot and we’ll leave it at that. Ha!), but stumbling on these candy sticks that look like twigs totally sparked the idea to do candy apples. I could probably go out to my back yard and get real sticks to put into my apples, but that idea just wigs me out a little.


What You’ll Need:

  • your favorite kind of apples (I chose Fuji, because that was the only organic option at Trader Joe’s at the time. I’m not entirely sure I’d choose that one again for this project though)
  • candy wafers (I chose peanut butter, chocolate, and salted caramel)
  • candy sticks (the twigs)
  • your choice of sprinkles
  • wax paper
  • candy bags *optional*
  • ribbon *also optional*


Twist the stem off each apple. Insert candy sticks (I found the best method was twisting them in). Melt candy wafers. Spoon melted candy over apples. Add sprinkles. Place on top of wax paper and let dry.








Once your apple is dry, simply serve and enjoy or place in a candy bag and wrap with a ribbon of your choice.



This would be a great gift idea, party idea, or simply enjoy after a day of apple picking! Have another flavor to try? What’s your favorite kind of apple to make candy apples with? I’d love to hear!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Fall!

2 thoughts on “How To Make Candy Apples

  1. These stir up such a feeling of nostalgia. I haven’t had a candy apple in years.

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