Biscoff Cookie Anyone?


When I went on my honeymoon last year in May to Aruba, we were served these amazing yummy cookies. I had never seen them before, and jonesing for more I thought I would be able to remember the name and hopefully find them in the grocery store. Sadly, I did not find them in my […]

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100 Year Anniversary of Titanic Sinking


Pin Even after 100 years, we’re still fascinated by this ship that couldn’t sink. Lately I’ve been interested in the people who survived and those that didn’t. This was such a tragedy in history that didn’t involve war or some form of violent action. It was merely an accident that cost hundreds their life. I […]

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Let’s Talk About Makeup, Man


I have probably been watching way too many Elle and Blair Fowler videos because I’ve been on a beauty kick for a while. I’ve revisited what’s in my collection and trying to use what I already have, BUT I bought a few new spring favorites that I needed like blush and lip color. I’ve always […]

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