Gorgeous Garlic Shrimp by Teresa Guidice

Okay, so the picture doesn’t look that “gorgeous” but this dish is SO good! I have to admit – I kinda like the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Total Guilty pleasure. I also have an appreciation for Italian food and as soon I could, bought a copy of Teresa Guidice’s cookbook, Skinny Italian. While I now think Teresa Guidice has some serious judgement issues, she knows good judgement regarding food! This includes two of my favorite ingredients (or “ingrediences” as Teresa says) which is olive oil and garlic.

Currently Stuck In My Head | Moneygrabber

LOVING the sound of these guys right now – Fitz and the Tantrums. This is such a “groovy” tune that reminds me of the 70’s (maybe sort of like the Beatles? I’m not sure…Not comparing b/c really no one can compare to the Beatles). It’s a sound where if you’re the type to dance in your undies in your apartment or bedroom and sing in a hairbrush, this song is totally for you!It’s just a feel good song despite the lyrics, if that makes sense!

This Little Girl Has Talent!

I love randomly running across videos on youtube in the sidebar. Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to find and suddenly, the next thing you know, you’ve found your next obsession for the next 20 minutes.

How cute is this girl?! I’m guessing this is similar to America’s Got Talent, but for France? She has great control and great stage presence. It would be very interesting to see what she does with this as she gets older! I also found a few more videos of her that I’ll post. Turns out she’s not so little anymore.

Biscoff Cookie Anyone?


When I went on my honeymoon last year in May to Aruba, we were served these amazing yummy cookies. I had never seen them before, and jonesing for more I thought I would be able to remember the name and hopefully find them in the grocery store. Sadly, I did not find them in my local grocery store, which was Giant.

THEN a few weeks ago, while getting my sugar fix on, I spotted the cookies at Safeway! I was so excited! On the back of the packaging it even says “the airline cookie”.

Apparently this brand of cookie is popular over in London with tea and coffee. And let me tell you – dipping this cookie in your hot coffee is a little piece of Heaven in your mouth. It just takes a second for the coffee to saturate the cookie and you have a wonderful little snack to enjoy with your hot bevearge!

100 Year Anniversary of Titanic Sinking

Even after 100 years, we’re still fascinated by this ship that couldn’t sink. Lately I’ve been interested in the people who survived and those that didn’t. This was such a tragedy in history that didn’t involve war or some form of violent action. It was merely an accident that cost hundreds their life. I can’t help but think of those people today who watched in horror as it sank, the ship still holding their loved ones or those they rubbed elbows with…or those who took their last moments of breath in fear before perishing.

My heart goes out to them all. Even 100 years later. I couldn’t imagine living such a tragedy.

Let’s Talk About Makeup, Man

I have probably been watching way too many Elle and Blair Fowler videos because I’ve been on a beauty kick for a while. I’ve revisited what’s in my collection and trying to use what I already have, BUT I bought a few new spring favorites that I needed like blush and lip color. I’ve always been into makeup except the last few years. I didn’t have the money to buy any fun seasonal extras but through watching Elle and Blair, like I said, I’ve been on a kick and having fun with makeup again.

For the season, I was on the hunt for bright pink that gives you a nice pop of color. My other blush that I had been using for a while was a little too dull for the bright colors of spring. I found two new blushes, one by Maybelline and the other by Cover Girl.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Frosting (#10):


This product is a mix between a powder and cream. I have to say – I’ve never used a cream before and didn’t quite know how to apply it before. I hate using my fingers, although I did try it. The color mostly stayed on my fingers instead of going on to my face. I decided to designate a blush brush for this one specifically. I swirl my brush into it until it picks up a nice pigment on the bristles. Then I swirl it on either the apples of my cheeks or cheek bone until almost all of the color from the brush is transferred onto my face, then blend. I guess I felt I had to describe that for those who have never dealt with a cream before like I have. I feel like at first this product is a cream then has a “powder” finish. It’s a nice bright pink for spring and into summer.

Covergirl Instant Cheekbones Contouring Blush in Pearly Plum (#220):


Okay, is it sad that I just figured out how to contour cheekbones? Is it even more sad that I didn’t realize that’s what the three different colors were? Until recently I just thought they were three separate blush colors. Not so.

For those of you who also have no clue, like me, I’ll explain. The middle color is the one you use as your regular blush. Then you use the highlighting color, the lightest color, sort of right above or on the cheekbone. Then you use the darkest color in the hallows of your cheeks to make a more “chiseled” look. I’m still learning how to properly apply the darkest color without my cheeks becoming too dark. Anyone have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments! Would love to hear!

Next is lip color. I’ve been hearing rave reviews of Revlon’s Lip Butter and had to try. I’ll thank Elle Fowler for informing me this newer product existed. I was looking for that bright yet light pink spring color and may have found a good one!

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake (#080):


I’ve been hearing about “lip butters” and how moisturizing they are and when Elle mentioned how great they were by Revlon, I eventually decided to give it a try. It’s definitely moisturizing and gives you buildable color. It’s not as harsh pigment-wise as a regular lipstick, but I don’t want to say it’s sheer either. It’s sort of a happy medium.

Milani Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Puttin’ on the Glitz (#7):


This product I’ve had for years. I bought two tubes of this I loved it so much when I first got it and somehow havn’t even gone through one tube and that had to have been about four years ago. I had to double check to see if they still make it (they do)! But for the season, I decided to whip out this color, wanting a little more pinky/beige tone. I’ve fallen in love with the color again and it just goes with everything. I will advise to moisturize lips before hand, which is the only downfall.

bareMinerals in Mineral Veil and Warmth:


I used to wear the bareMineral line a few years back, fell in love with it for about six months, and decided to make the switch back to my tried and true Revlon ColorStay foundation. At the end of the day the bareMineral foundation I used made me look blotchy and like I had the most horrible day ever. I have oily skin so it didn’t stay on as well as I liked. But in trying the foundation, I became a fan of the Mineral Veil and Warmth, which I haven’t used since stopping my use of the bareMineral foundation. I saw that I still had these two products and have been using them a lot this last week. The Mineral Veil makes you look softer, buffed out, and photo ready. I know they make a few different colors of Mineral Veil now and this is the original one. The Warmth is like your bronzer and with this, a little goes a long way. Both products give you almost a glow but in different ways.

Too Faced Natural Eye Palette:




Moving on from Spring to my everyday makeup, this is an eye palette I fell in love with back in early January and use it when I want a slightly more bolder neutral color look. I have to say that I first learned about this product thanks to Blair Folwer when I ran across a makeup tutorial she did on this palette. The colors were exactly what I have been looking for for a long time. I mainly stick to purchasing drugstore makeup, so this was definitely a splurge and a treat for me to purchase.

I normally mix Heaven and Silk Teddy together to go on the brow bone. Then I use Silk Teddy by itself on my lid or mix it with Nude Beach. I usually use Cocoa Puff in my crease and buff it out to make sure everything is blended together. I find I don’t have to use a lot of that color in the crease since it’s so dark.

I have to share with you guys the video that inspired me to purchase this just so you can see her technique (which mine might be extremely similar to hers).


Covergirl Eye palette in Simmering Sands:

dscn0681This is my everyday eye palette that I’ve been using for years and years! Clearly you can see it’s gotten some good use! I love this eye palette and highly recommend it! I found this blog post on how she applies this and it looks gorgeous!

Chanel Blush Brush #4:


This is my very first Chanel product ever! Because the line is so expensive, I don’t usually buy the products, as much as I want to. This particular brush was spent with gift cards, of which I decided to treat myself. You’re probably wondering why I would spend gift cards on a blush brush instead of perfume or makeup from Chanel. I had been looking for a good brush to replace the one I had bought many years ago from Victoria’s Secret. I like the heavy coverage that particular brush gave me and was looking for the same thing but not all brushes are created equal! I bought one from the drugstore that was too light of coverage, so when I heard that this brush was amazing and picks up pigments so well, I bought it as soon as I got the chance! I believe Chanel had just recently changed the look of their brushes, so some others may have this as a #7 brush. So far I love it and keep it in its nice black velvet pouch inside of the box when I’m not using it. I would highly recommend it and it’s worth the investment if you’re into your brushes.

On my dad’s side of the family, my Grandparents make a sort of harder (as in texture) fudge and they were kind to pass the recipe my way after begging for it. I have to keep THAT recipe in the family, but this is very similar, although it looks like a more softer, traditional fudge people are used to seeing.

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

I have always been an old fashioned, hard-core, boil ’em up kind of fudge maker. This makes great fudge, but it’s fiddly and I have spent many hours testing my batches to get them from ‘soft ball stage’ to ‘hard ball stage’- where I can drop a spoonful of mixture on a cold saucer and be able to get it to form into a firm ball before madly getting it into the tins before it sets too hard to manoeuvre.

After much perseverance I became the ‘Fudge Queen’ – cleaning up in the local agricultural shows and being awarded many ribbons and prizes. (It sounds more glamorous than it is – one of my ‘prizes’ was a tea towel, another was a nifty peg bag full of plastic bags – Oh Hale Goddess of Domesticity… Meanwhile our neighbour’s prizewinning cow netted him a bottle of rum, and several cartons of beer!)

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