Back To The Future Day

long time ago, I became enchanted with the Back To The Future series, and must say that I still am. It’s the only series that I can watch no matter what part I catch it at on t.v. If you ask me what a time machine looks like, I’d think of the DeLorean before anything else.

Who didn’t want to hop aboard that thing and go anywhere in the past or future? I mean, as long as you knew you could come up with 1.21 gigawatts of power to come back to the present. And as long as you had enough room to hit 88 mph. And the present wasn’t an alternative 2015 when you returned.

The second movie was my absolute favorite for the longest time. I enjoyed seeing their version of what the future looked like. And today, we’ve arrived to the date that Marty and Doc travel to the future!


Yes, that day has finally arrived. I think it goes without saying that we’re a little disappointed we don’t have our hoverboards or can hydrate a pizza in two seconds (yet).

But I did celebrate the day by wearing this awesome shirt I found on because I’m feeling that nerdy about it:

Back to the Future Day

Would love to know if you’re celebrating this moment time with me! What is your favorite movie out of the series? Personally, I used to hate the third one, but now I love it (truthfully, I love the entire series)!

Happy Back To The Future Day!

The Apple House

The Apple House

A few weekends ago, David and I drove out to the mountains to Linden, VA to visit The Apple House. I knew they had freshly made cinnamon donuts, so that was our main mission.

Man bun

I snapped this on the way there. David’s trying so hard to get that man bun going! Ha! I love it!

Welcome to the Apple House

Walking in, we didn’t quite know what to expect. Once in the door, we were greeted by a somewhat dimly lit atmosphere, the smell of breakfast, knickknacks, and all the hot sauce you could ever want sitting on shelves for sale. It was split up into rooms, as well. In each room were a few tables that were surrounded by shelves of apple butter and maple syrup or tables of country decor, including a space for Christmas decor. It gave the place quite a personality! We ordered our brunch, which was delicious, and made sure to grab the homemade cinnamon donuts as well.

Hot Sauce

Cinnamon Donuts

Calories Don't Count

Table at the Apple House


breakfast 2

Apple Butter

Every Path Has Puddles


Let Love Abide

Christmas House

Cinnamon Donuts 2

If you ever happen to be in the Linden, VA area, you have to stop by the Apple House for their donuts, if nothing else! Oh my, were they good!

Fall Decor | 2015

Happy Fall, my friends! It’s the first day of the season and you know I’m excited! The weather is starting to cool off and I can’t wait until we’re in the 60’s so we can break out some cozier clothes and the boots. I’ve already decorated the basement a few weeks ago (where we’re currently staying at my in-laws), so the weather just needs to catch up with my decor…

Fall Decor

Speaking of decor, I always like to add a few things every year to add to my surprisingly small collection. When I took out my Fall bin this year and unpacked my decor, I literally went “Wait. This is it?!” I thought I had more! Well, we all know that can be fixed, don’t we! This year, I got a few more items than anticipated while collecting since the summer, but all for great prices, so I’m okay with it!

Sit By The Fire And Get Toasted

Okay, so the hubby encouraged me to get this sign. It’s just begging to be put on a mantle one day, surrounded by cinnamon smelling pine cones and and some wise looking owls…This was a little treasure found during our trip to The Apple House, which I’ll be posting about soon!

Be Happy Owl Mug

I saw this at Papyrus back in June, and fought the urge to get it right then and there. I waited a few months before I went back and got it to make sure I was being budget friendly! There’s just something about the colors of the mug that make me so happy! So when the mug says “Be Happy”, I have to say that I am! If you’re a mug lover like I am, you can understand the ability of a cute mug can do for the mood.

Autumn In A Jiffy

I mentioned this Autumn In A Jiffy cookbook in a post a few months back. I haven’t tried any of the recipe’s yet, especially since most of the ones I’m attracted to are soups or chili, so I’m waiting until it gets cooler here to give them a try. But they sure do sound yummy!

Yankee Candle Vent Stick

Yankee Candle knows how to lure in Fall freaks with these adorable vent sticks. I currently have the Apple Pumpkin scent in my car and absolutely love it!

Cracker Barrel salt and pepper shakers

These adorable salt and pepper shakers were found at Cracker Barrel and were only .99! Yeah, I guess they can come home with me!


So, I have a confession. I don’t have kids yet, but I totally have a thing about collecting kids books. I just love them! I think it’s about wanting to share what I loved as a kid and not losing your child-like imagination. I don’t often buy them, but this one I just couldn’t resist. Bernie and the Missing Trick-or-Treaters, is an adorable story of a little bat impatiently waiting to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and doesn’t know they don’t come until nighttime. I picked this up at Hallmark for only $6 and highly recommend it if you’d like a festive read for your little ones (or if you’re like me and just keeping them for the future ones). Not only is the story adorable, but I just adore the illustrations.

Bernie illustation

Bernie illustration 2

BBW Autumn and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Fox Socks

This year, I’ve kept my candle purchasing to a minimum. I knew when Bath and Body Works did their 2 for $24 sale I would purchase a few during that time, plus I had a coupon for $10. Sadly, my store was all sold out of Leaves, so I decided to get my staple of Autumn (which just smells like a crisp early fall day to me), and for the first time, I got Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. A few years ago I purchased a pair of their shea infused socks and love them, so on a bit of a splurge (thanks to the coupon) I picked up these adorable fox socks! These socks are so comfortable…

BBW candle lids

I love the lids to their candles, by the way. How cute is the pumpkin lid?

leaf bowl

You know when you find something so unique to you, catches your breath and just doesn’t get off your mind and you might have to get it? This leaf bowl was that purchase for me. It reminds me of gorgeous turning leaves crunching under your feet. It’s an unexpected decorative element that can bring some character to a little space.

Fall mason jar

I have big plans for this mason jar. Mainly to throw back some apple cider…

bike with fall leaves mug

Not that I need another mug or anything, but again, this is one of those things that makes me feel happy and cozy. It brings about images of riding into town on your bike while lightly bundled up on a sunny fall day, feeling quite peaceful and grinning the day away.

So, that’s my updated decor this year! I hadn’t realized how much I had collected until I was putting this post together! Alright, off to go enjoy a cup of cider in one of my new mugs. Hope you all have a wonderful start to the season! Let me know if you have any fun plans!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Using a Bakers Chocolate Block | Recipe

Homemade Hot Chocolate

A while back, the hubby was gifted a nice chunk of a chocolate bakers block. It was hard as a rock and we didn’t quite know what to do with it since neither one of us are great cooks or bakers. So we took to the internet and found an awesome Homemade Hot Chocolate recipe that we’d love to share with you guys.

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1-2 tablespoons sugar (depending on taste)
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cup milk, half and half, or cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Homemade Hot Chocolate Ingredients

Homemade Hot Chocolate  shaving chocolate

Shaved chocolate

bakers chocolate

In order to get our “cocoa powder”, we grated the chocolate block. The smell was intoxicating as we did it, too! Fresh shaved chocolate smell is pretty amazing and we joked that it was actually a drug. I went over to the bowl several times just to steal a sniff, it was so addicting!

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

sugar and salt

2 tablespoons milk

Whisk together cocoa, sugar, salt, about 2 tablespoons milk in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until cocoa and sugar are dissolved. Whisk in the rest of the milk and heat over medium heat. Whisk occasionally until hot. Stir in Vanilla and enjoy!



pour milk


owl mug



Our bakers block was found at a food fair. If you’re interested in having your own, this American Heritage chocolate Block just might do the trick!

The Old Lucketts Store | Antiques

The Old Lucketts Store

My friend Briana, and I love meandering through antique shops. I’d say it’s one of the things that we bonded over early on in our friendship. A few weeks ago, we went to The Old Lucketts Store, in Leesburg, VA, and I fell in love with it! The possibilities there seemed endless between old doors, signage, and decor. Outdoors, it almost looks like a carefully organized junk yard – except it’s not junk, just treasures waiting to be discovered! And inside winds up a few flights of stairs with several rooms filled with more treasure pieces. You can be sure there’s a little something for everyone!


pink car

pink car 2

wooden crates


Lucketts Store

doors 2

doors 3



The soft sound of a banjo played on while we had been looking around outside. We didn’t realize at first that it was this guy who was playing! He looked pretty relaxed and cool while sitting there, and he was kind enough to let me take his picture.


front porch

wrench and flag

couch and tea

sunglasses file cabnet


old pictures



the queen

tea cups







stop sign




I think Briana and I both could fill up a truck load with all the goodies we saw here! This place definitely left an impact on me. Everywhere I looked there was something interesting to see. If you’re ever in the Leesburg area, I definitely recommend checking out this place!

Studio C Planner Giveaway Winners


Thank you to all of those who commented and shared this post as well as followed the blog! Your efforts mean a lot.

Here are the SIX WINNERS of the Studio C Planner giveaway:

  • mlepeeps
  • laurielvt
  • Mamma Muse Me
  • Heather S
  • DJ
  • Lici Lee

Thanks again to Studio C for this giveaway! It was so much fun! And congrats to the winners!

Visiting Colorado | Part 3

Going over some older blog posts from this past year, I realized I never quite finished posting about our trip to Colorado. This was partially because I had decided to take a break from blogging before I could finish. When you’re not feelin’ it, you’re not feelin’ it and probably shouldn’t force inspiration.

I wanted to share the last set of photos from the trip in order to finish the story here on the blog! We had such a great time and hope to return one day. It’s beautiful there! And looking at all that snow in the pictures when we had 100 degree weather today makes me yearn for an escape!




Where we stayed in Keystone, Colorado, had a huge ice skating rink. We put on our skates and got to skate after breakfast every morning. Of course, I’m a huge chicken and went super slow so I wouldn’t fall down. Every once in a while you’d hear the ice crack a little and settle, which was interesting (but perfectly safe!). And then you’d skate over cracks like in the picture above. I wasn’t nervous at all…Actually the cracks didn’t bother me so much as thinking about falling did.

Brandie and David skating


Caught him after skating some laps around the rink!



The best Bloody Mary I’ve ever had, made by our awesome friend!



The view of the mountains were always so gorgeous.



Selfies with the siblings!



Making our way up the mountain to The Great Divide. It just continued to get more windy and snowy as we climbed.


A little windblown with snow flakes in my hair at one of our stops along the way.


David and the great divide


At The Great Divide! So windy. So snowy. So cold. So worth it.



My mom all bundled up! She cracked me up wrapping that blanket around her head, but it really was that freezing!





So, one morning on one of our last days there, a snow storm came through. I happened to look out and saw this wall of snow coming towards us. I had definitely never seen snow happen like that before! Just a few minutes later it was everywhere!


Looking back on these pictures brings back memories of a wonderful (and much needed) vacation. I’m so thankful for that trip and only hope to experience Colorado’s beauty again!

Tucking Summer Away

Fallen Leaves

If you’ve been coming to my blog for a while (and if you have, you’re pretty awesome!), then you might know I have a thing for Fall. In the last few years, around the end of July or beginning of August, I’ve been rushing to get to my favorite season. Last year, towards the end of the Summer, when I had gotten a taste of Summer tomatoes for the first time, oddly enough, that’s when I realized I hadn’t appreciated Summer at all. I wasn’t present with the season until it was too late.

I’d like to say I got a little better this Summer season with enjoying it a little more in my own ways. We got the chance to go boating, saw a few fun historical sites, put my toes into the ocean, and even had some more of those summer tomatoes. If I’m being honest, I haven’t had the same strong urge (although a small one) to bring out my Fall decor (although that may happen next weekend!) or to see the trees change and watch the leaves fall.

While I am definitely a Fall girl, I’m carefully beginning to tuck Summer away, knowing I was a little more present for this one and appreciated the beauty it possesses. The leaves are beginning to change and litter the lawn, and there’s no denying that my favorite season is right around the corner.